Fan Art (Ongoing)

Completely unaffiliated, these illustrations are just-for-fun works revolving around my leisure interests. 






Fan art of two of our favourite teenage trouble makers! This was created before/for the release of Episode One of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. 

chloe and rach rgb.jpg
hancock rgb.jpg





When I posted this on my Instagram, the caption read: 'When Hancock comes running, half of the Commonwealth's Chems fall out of his pockets!' and it still stands. Created during a play through of Fallout 4. 





This illustration is a re-imagining of Nick Valentine from Fallout 4 as a woman. 

female nick rgb.jpg
rgb mac and cheese.jpg





A cute little drawing of MacCready from Fallout 4 in his teen years. He's fresh out of Little Lamplight and looking for comic books! 





This is an illustration of my favourite character from Star Trek: Voyager - Captain Janeway.

janebae rgb.jpg







More Life Is Strange: Before The Storm fan art, but this time just Rachel on her own.